Ceremony & Reception

Our wedding ceremony begins at 2:00pm on Saturday, June 9th, 2012.

The reception (celebration!) will be in the Pavilion at Connor Park, starting with cocktails and appetizers at 5:00pm. Feast, program, and merriment to follow!

Both the ceremony and reception are taking place at Connor Park, located in our quiet and quaint hometown of Moose Jaw.

Click here for a map of the location.

The Venue

  Connor Park is an outdoor venue. Ceremony will take place on grass, and the reception will be under a covered pavilion (open walls). Bathrooms with running water will be on site. Parking lot (gravel) is directly beside pavilion. Parking will extend up along entrance road. Please bring proper clothing and footwear for a June evening in Saskatchewan (could mean anything, eh!?).

For young children, regular chairs will be available, but please bring a booster seat or highchair from home if your child requires one!

Click here for photos of the pavilion!


A block of rooms has been reserved at Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, as well as the Days Inn. If reserving by phone, please mention the "Spanjer/Dirkson" wedding.
However, we encourage you to check rates for these or other hotels on hotels.com or Expedia, as sometimes the rates are better!

For phone numbers and addresses, click the map icon on the directions page.

The Menu

Our wedding is proudly catered by Kergano's, a groovy little place with fresh ingredients and a heart full of love. All food is guaranteed GLUTEN FREE and delicious! The meat will be smoked ON SITE to tantalize you all day!

Cash $2 Bar.

Click here to read our mouth watering wedding menu!


Josh was born in Moose Jaw, SK on June 27th, 1983. His older sister Janine, who is 3.5 years older than him, has always been there to look over and protect him. As a youngster, Josh spent most of his time hanging with his cousin Dave, going to church/Sunday School, and playing sports like baseball & bowling. In 1994, Josh's bowling team won the YBC National Championships in Edmonton, AB. Still something he will brag about today.

In high school, Josh diversified his time: from basketball/ volleyball/ badminton, to drama club, Vice President of the SLC, and more. He was very much a people person, and held an active social life. But what really surfaced was his proverbial love for computers. He discovered that his professional future would almost certainly be in the IT industry.

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After a year of pumping gas at the Moose Jaw Co-op, Josh spent two and a half years at SIAST; graduating with a Diploma in Computer Information Systems. During that time, he also developed a passion for motorcycles (sport bikes). In 2005, Josh began working at Saskatchewan Government Insurance in Regina as an IT Programmer. In the same year, he combined his knowledge of business/IT and his love for sport bikes, and started the Saskatchewan Sport Bike Association. As Founder and President, Josh aided in raising tens of thousands of dollars for various charities over a 5 year span. Josh resigned from the SSBA in 2010, but continues to work at SGI.

Josh's spare time in Regina was spent playing softball, hanging with friends, riding motorcycles, going to Rider games, building websites, and cooking/baking. Josh recently moved to Saskatoon (Oct, 2011) where he continues to work remotely for SGI. As a new home owner, his priorities have drastically changed, but he looks forward to all that his new life will bring him.


Amber was born in Moose Jaw, Sk., on July 12 1983 to proud parents Rick and Char Spanjer. Amber has 2 younger siblings, Daniel and Candace. Amber grew up being very close with both her brother and sister. There was a lot of time spent together playing in their backyard, or at their parents store (trophy world & challenger graphics), and even more time spent playing pranks on each other and their parents.

In high school Amber worked in retail and loved fashion. It was her dream to open a clothing store after she was done school. Amber continued to work in retail a few years after high school.

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In those years, a family member was injured and Amber spent more time visiting at the hospital. Amber realized the impact nurses have on people, and almost instantly Amber dropped everything else to pursue an education in Nursing.

Amber finished the nursing program in 2007 and loves her job as a Registered Nurse in Saskatoon.

In Amber's free time she loves shopping, staying active and getting crafty. Summer time is a favorite for Amber, as she loves having fun in the sun.

Dave (Best Man)

Josh's best friend and cousin, Dave and Josh are more like brothers than cousins. Born only a month apart, they literally grew up together; doing everything under the moon joined at the hip. Josh can trust Dave with his life, and is ecstatic that they are now back living in the same city again! Dave works at Graham Construction, living in Saskatoon with his wife Cesia.

Candace (Maid of Honor)

The maid of honor is no other than Amber’s best friend and awesome little sister, Candee. Candace is 6 years younger, but the difference has never been evident. Candee’s helpful nature and eye for style has been more than appreciated over the course of planning the wedding. Until a few months ago, Candace and Amber were living together in Saskatoon. Candace has since finished her degree in Social work and has moved back to Moose Jaw, Sk.


One of Josh's oldest friends, Cody and Josh met at King George Elementary School after Cody moved to Canada. It must have been his shy, personable persona that drew up the friendship between them. After being friends all through school, they lived together for a brief while in Regina during Cody's time at the U of R. Once a shy kid from Moose Jaw, Cody is now an established/recognized poet and teacher living with his wife Carly in Saskatoon.


Andrea is one of Amber’s dearest friends and has always been there as a voice of reason. Her straightforwardness and honesty has always been appreciated and has been a wonderful asset throughout the wedding process. Amber and andrea met in nursing school and have been close since. Andy is a labor and delivery nurse and lives in Dodsland, Sk. with her husband Brett and gorgeous flowergirl, Danika.


What to say about John Harper! John and Josh met in elementary school and have maintained a unique friendship ever since. John is a laid back Charlie, whose vibe can suck you into a friendship instantly! Through the best and worst of times, John has been a trustworthy rock who continues to inspire Josh. John is living the dream in Moose Jaw, working at Kergano's Restauarnt and planning his future in art school.


Janine is Josh’s older sister. Amber has known Janine for many years, through her close friendship with Josh. Amber has has always loved Janine’s bubbly personality and kind nature. She looks forward to having an older sister and getting to know her better. Janine recently left Perth, Australia, and now lives in Kona, Hawaii volunteering for YWAM with her husband Benji.


Dano is Amber's younger brother, and an all around awesome guy. His heart of gold is really what makes him a shoo in to be the best brother in law Josh could have! Josh has known Dan ever since he met Amber in High School, but is super jazzed to get to know him like a brother now! Dan lives in Moose Jaw and works as a derrickhand for Mosaic.


Lindsay and Amber met their first year in the nursing program (NEPS) in 2004 and have been partners in crime since. Lindsay has always been there for Amber and her generosity and willingness to get crafty has been wonderful these last few months. Lindsay is a nurse at the Regional Psych center in Saskatoon and lives with her husband Corey and beautiful daughter Dasia.


Julito is just a beauty! Always good for a laugh, he and Josh first met in high school when Josh thought that he was trying to take over his spot within "the boys". Turns out he wasn't (lol) and a stellar friendship ensued! Julio is so loved, that Josh and Amber both fight over who's friend he really is. :) Julio is very special to us both. Julio now lives in Lethbridge and works as a Service Tech for Telus.




Swift Current/Calgary

Venues Map:

Zach Dietrich and Wendy Parsons are amazing artisans who craft beautiful hand made pottery out of Saskatchewan "grown" clay. Not only that, they are also Josh's childhood neighbors! Having known them for many years and having seen tonnes (literally) of their work, it had become a wish of Josh's to one day, own a full dining set of their pottery. We're hoping that day will soon come!

Zach and Wendy have custom made Amber & Josh a full dining set; including dinner plates, salad bowls, dessert plates, coffee & tea mugs, etc.

If you feel called to congratulate us on our wedding through attendance AND gift, we would love it if you considered supporting our local friends and business, and help us fill our cupboards with functional art!

For convenience, we are also registered at:
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